I sincerely thank you all for your thoughtfulness in Celebration of my birthday, this your goodness will always be remembered.

I appreciate your determination in wishing me well on the occasion of my birthdate celebration, I am humbled by the showers of your prayers, moral support, and love.

Words cannot express my feelings, nor my thanks for all your messages, wishes and prayers ever be enough.

I want to specially thank my Boss, Mentor and father- His Excellency Prof. Ben Ayade the Digital Governor of C’River State for HE’s kind mentorship and providing me the veritable platform and opportunity to serve God and humanity in his Administration, God bless His Excellency🙏🙌

Be assured Cross Riverians and indeed all Nigerians that, by the grace of God I shall continue to live above board and keep striving to do my very best in the discharge of my responsibilities to humanity.

God bless-Amen🙏🙏🙏🙌💪


The BIRTHDAY of an experienced, highly multi skilled and consummate administrator is worthy of celebration.

My good people, let me blow your minds:The Cross River State Basic Education Subsector, has been transformed and repositioned by the Vision of His Excellency Professor Ben Ayade through the possibility of the birth of Dr. Barr. Steven Odey evidenced in the construction/rehabilitation of about 500 school projects across the state. Some of these projects include; storey buildings, classrooms, sick bays, perimeter fencings, bore holes, offices, lavatories, etc.

Construction of British-Canadian Int’l School at Obudu- Project is at 95% completion, first of its kind.

Commencement of academic activities at the three UNIVERSAL BASIC EDUCATION COMMISSION (UBEC) Junior Secondary Schools built at Akpabuyo, Abi and Yala LGAs in each of the three senatorial district of the state.

Supply of over 100, 000 plastic chairs and tables to schools to stop school children sitting on bare floor and further supply of teaching and learning materials.

Employment of about 2,500 teaching and Non -teaching staff into the primary and UBEC Model Junior Secondary Schools.

Conducted a painstaking personnel audit and biometric/image capturing exercise, the exercise led to the discovery of over 1,000 teachers with fake certificates and about 800 ghost workers, which is presently saving the state 100 million naira monthly and created a reliable database for Primary School Teachers.

God bless your new age Dr.(Barr) Steve Odey, We celebrate your uncommon dexterity and selfless service to humanity, your works are worthy of emulation and celebration.

You are indeed a good man, a celebrated grassroot philanthropist, a good grand mobilizer and Stabilizer. No wonder that, many call you the son of the Governor because of your celebral acumen and the good mentorship by your father Senator (Prof) Ben Ayade KSJi.

Some call him the Bulldozer, his Yache nation call him:”THE LIGHT BEARER & PATHFINDER” “OYORGU 1,”(The Great Doer).

The good people of Akreha Kingdom Yala, call him:”ORBLATUOLE 1” (One who remembers home).

The peace loving people of Gabu call him: “ODUBOR 1” (The Great Helper).

Dr. Steve’s selfless service and good deeds to humanity has earned him several national and international awards in recognition of his selflessness to humanity.

Let’s join in celebrating this detribalized Nigerian, a consumate and comprehensive grassroot developer, an epitome of humility, a man of integrity, dignity and pillar of hope.

May all the best things in this life be your lot, for you are one of the best people on the face of the earth. As you celebrate your legendary new age Sir, we join the host of angels and the good hearted people of the human family and wish you good health, long life, divine protection, promotion, prosperity, much more love and peace🙏👏🙌

Once again,
Happy Birthday My Mentor and Leader.


The Cross River State Universal Basic Education Board (CR-SUBEB),has begun the distribution of 600 tables and 600 chairs, under the 2018 UBE intervention fund to primary schools teachers in the State.

While expressing his concern for teachers’ welfare,the Executive Chairman, SUBEB, Dr Stephen Odey said the provision of sitting facilities was necessary to create a conducive environment for teachers.

In his words “We have been doing a lot in terms of infrastructural development for pupils with the construction and rehabilitation of over 500 school projects, provision of over 60,000 sitting facilities and so on. We want to ensure that while we are providing a conducive learning environment for pupils, we also create a comfortable environment for our teachers who are very strategic in the discharge of basic education.”

Dr Odey assured that the learning and teaching condition of pupils and teachers will continue to be a top priority of the Board.


The Cross River State Chapter of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations(NIPR) have presented an Excellent Leadership and Service award to the Executive Chairman, State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), Dr Stephen Odey.

The award which was presented at the 2019 NIPR Awards and Dinner night at 520 Kolanut Events and Conference Centre, Calabar, was in recognition of his administrative prowess, education infrastructural expansion in basic education sub-sector, Community development and pragmatic Leadership acumen.

Presenting the award, the former Deputy Governor, Cross River State, Barr. Ifiok Cohbams, Congratulated the Board Chairman on his achievements in the basic education sub- sector.

He said ” I have heard and seen the transformation going on in the basic education sub-sector. Today, I join NIPR to celebrate and congratulate you on these achievements.”

Mr Cyril Itam received the award on behalf of the Board Chairman.

The Secret Behind Dr. Odey’s Strides in C’River SUBEB -Paul Ojeka.

To every success, there is a secret. The case of Cross River State Universal Basic Education Board, under the effective management of Barr. Stephen Odey Ph D speaks loudly in support of this truism, and the secret of the giant strides in the board is as open as the Newspaper: First, there is a governor who believes in having square pegs in square holes. Secondly, there is a veteran administrator, in charge of administration, whose dedication to his duty is unparalleled. His passion about achieving results without profligacy by creating potent personal solution architecture to issues of administration, attracts votes of confidence on his unequalled dynamic leadership skill.

The renowned breathtaking strides he has recorded and sustained so far, from 2015 to 2019, can be traced to his effectiveness and efficiency in deploying his supervisory role in schools, uncovering problems militating against effecting teaching and learning, then proffering solutions to them. Personnel audit has helped immeasurably in closing financial leakages as this financial management skill as an administrative mechanism, has facilitated the uncovering of a huge number of ghost workers, saving huge amount of money to support the execution of projects in the basic education sector. In discovering dearth of school needs, be has built as well as renovated schools across the 18 Local government areas of the state; furnished the schools with learning materials, supplied sports facilities and equipments to develop the learners in their triple Domains of learning: the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains. In educational management, one way of motivating workers is through extrinsic and intrinsic rewards. In view of this well measured and scientific means of encouraging the teaching workforce who are key implementers of the curriculum, he places their welfare on the front burner of his “scale of preference” by paying them promptly and regularly.

Behind the achievements of all these numerous breathtaking capital intensive projects, there is an amazing secret: there is on one side, the Governor’s unwavering support in form of ideas, and principally his ever ready disposition in providing counterpart funds to access Intervention Funds from UBEC – this forms the secret of all secrets. Without counterpart funding, access to funds to execute any project in SUBEB will be as tasking as the task of a Camel attempting to pass through the eye of the needle!

While it may be right to state that the chairman of the board is doing his normal job, it is worth commending that he is doing ordinary things in an extraordinary manner; thus, achieving extraordinary results. For example, in a football event, if a team performs well, they receive cheers and accolades to motivate them: This is why this note is written to enjoin all and sundry to appreciate the efforts of this crackerjack administrator who has adopted meritorious service delivery as his second nature and has achieved so much in his reformation and transformation agenda in Cross River SUBEB, in a bid to encourage him to stay on his path of great service delivery which will serve as catalyst to others to rise to their responsibilities, so as to be heard too. It is my belief that he’ll serve as a model to raise the Quality of administrators that we direly need in all socioeconomic sectors in Cross River State, for result oriented service delivery. If we had a leader of this quality at the Federal Ministry of Education, then Nigeria will be witnessing a rebirth of the education sector, through robust transformation of the sector, raising school products as true agents of technological breakthrough.

Finally, it is pertinent to recap that Cross River State under the administration of sen prof Ayade Benedict is witnessing tremendous breakthrough in educational technology, socioeconomic development and global fame courtesy of Ayade’s confidence in the capacity of the wealth of human resource in the state and his dynamic skill in skillfully placing them to function in their appropriate areas of strength.

The mother of all the secrets behind the humongous success story of Dr. Stephen Odey of Cross River State SUBEB is his Wisdom to find and deploy Supervision as a secret tool to school management.

Ayade’s Administration has achieved massively in the Basic Education Sub-Sector _ Dr Odey

The Executive Chairman, Cross River State Universal Basic Education Board (CR-SUBEB), Dr Stephen Odey has stated that the basic education sub-sector under the Prof. Ben Ayade led administration has experienced tremendous growth.

Dr Odey who made this known during the Board’s routine monitoring of schools in the state, stated that the Governor Ayade led administration has executed the highest number of projects since the inception of the Board.

According to him “in the history of basic education from records available in my office this is the only administration that has intervened massively in the basic education sector. We have awarded over 497 projects, 406 have been completed the rest are still on-going. We have provided about 79,622 plastic tables and chairs for pupils across the State.”

“For the first time in our basic education sector, the Board in collaboration with UBEC has supplied desktop computers and solar panels to primary schools.
This administration has had the highest intervention so far and we are still working, all this is to ensure that our children are given the best in terms of basic education,” he reitereted.

While visiting St. Augustine primary school, Ikot Omin and Government primary school Ikot Effanga, the Board Chairman said the on-going monitoring of schools is to checkmate the activities of teachers and improve their attitude towards work which he said will put an end to the withdrawal of pupils from public to private schools by parents and guardians.

In his words “When you go to private schools where some parents are sending their wards to you will discover that those teachers are not as trained as those in the public schools. The problem we have In public schools is that our teachers are not showing commitment. It is on the basis of this that we have decided to step up our monitoring and supervision of schools, pay them surprise visits if they are found wanting, we sanction them. All of this is to improve the standard of education in the State.”

At the time of chairman’s visit to St. Augustine primary school, Ikot Omin, at 8.49 am only eighteen out of forty-two teachers were present. He however commended the head teacher for his dedication to duty and pupils for their orderly conduct.

At Government primary school, Ikot Effanga, the head teacher, Mrs Grace Okon, thanked the Board for the newly constructed six classroom block, which she said has come to assuage accommodation challenge in her school. She appealed for more intervention.

A Primary 6 pupil of Government primary school, Ikot Effanga, ThankGod Omini extended gratitude to the Board for providing sitting facilities which he said were non-existent.

The Board Chairman directed that Government primary school, Ikot Effanga should be listed for the construction of a new classroom block.

IMPORTANT NOTICE 11th October, 2019

The Cross River State Universal Basic Education Board (CR-SUBEB), in conjunction with the Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) will embark on a state-wide project monitoring exercise, beginning on the 15th of October, 2019 with a team led by the Executive Chairman SUBEB.

All Contractors who are yet to complete their jobs , are hereby advised to return to site and complete any pending project immediately, as any contractor that fails to complete his/her project will be sanctioned.

Treat as very important.

Dr. (Barr.) Stephen Odey
Executive Chairman CR-SUBEB

C’River: Sir Prof. Ayade not planning to sack teachers…

26th September, 2019:Dr.(Barr) Stephen Odey- Executive Chairman, State Universal Basic Education Board, SUBEB, in Cross River State has flayed reports that Senator Ben Ayade, the governor of the state has given directives for the termination of appointment of one thousand primary school teachers.Dr Odey said the governor gave approval for the recruitment of two thousand teachers and five hundred security men after he sent a memo to the governor and he went ahead to employ two thousand and twenty seven after due diligence and due process in view of the poor financial situation of the state.He said at no time has the governor contemplated or given directives for any teacher to be sacked whether the newly employed ones or those who have been in the system before the employment of new ones.“His Excellency approved four thousand teachers and we went through due process and employed two thousand and twenty seven teachers considering the poor financial situation of the state and they were payrolled and captured by the state civil service commission making them substantive workers in the state and nobody is talking of sacking them.”He said the state has a total of fourteen thousand primary school teachers with a wage bill of eight hundreds and thirty million naira monthly and non is being owed any salary.” Some people will be criticising the governor without considering the responsibilities he is shouldering. For instance these teachers are paid alongside other workers every month and he does not owe anybody. Is that in itself not an achievement? “.The SUBEB Chairman said the state is operating three model secondary schools in the three senatorial district’s of the state and owing to demands by parents, the schools are now in senior secondary one and will continue to senior secondary three for the students to write the West African Schools Certificate Examination.“Following the high educational standard in the model schools, parents said we should continue because if we send the students to others schools, the standard already inculcated in their children will not be maintained”.


By SaintAugustine Adula Odey:

Education is accepted as an instrument per excellence for bringing about rapid development and transmitting the culture of a society from one generation to another. It is in total agreement with the strategic role of education in bringing about development at individual, corporate and national levels that the National Economical Empowerment and Development Strategy (NEEDS) document (2004:35) asserted that:
“The goals of wealth creation, employment generation, poverty reduction and value reorientation, can be effectively pursued, attained, and sustained only through an efficient, relevant and functional education system.”

In the efforts of Cross River SUBEB to enshrine best practices, Dr. (Barr.) Stephen Odey echoed that “teachers all over the world are regarded as nation builders. It is generally believed that there is no nation or state that can rise above the quality of its educational system just as it is unlikely to find an educational system that would rise above the quality of its teachers, hence the board has been organizing several trainings for the teaching and non teaching staff to boost the standard and quality of basic education in the state and providing basic infrastructures to make for a conducive teaching and learning process”.

It is a common saying that whosoever is able to read and write must thank his or her teachers who made it possible for him or her to read about what is going on in the different parts of the world.

It is in recognition of the indispensability of teachers in the school system that His Excellency, Senator, Professor, Governor Benedict Ayade’s administration has as government top priority to improve the standard of education and thereby improvement of the welfare of teachers becomes very inevitable as demonstrated committedly in prompt payments of salaries and assurances to improve and implement many other goodies for the benefit of the teachers and the society.

The impact of the teacher on the life of a learner in pursuit of desirable knowledge, skills and attitudes for immediate and future use is great. The teacher teaches, supervises, motivates, guides, counsels, inspires, encourages, evaluates, grades, corrects, mentors, remediates, informs, develops, transforms, acting parent, etc. Dr. Steve stated.

Let us all support the government to get the best and give the best as we encourage teachers to doing their best in the transformation of a child from the empty clean slate(tabula rasa concept) to a matured educated adult heavily loaded with knowledge, skills and attitudes that makes him/her fit into the human family.


Saturday 13Th July,2019
By SaintAugustine Adula Odey:

His Excellency Senator Prof. Benedict Ayade is poised to deliver the best, qualitative, efficient, accessible, basic education for the child(ren) of C’River State.

This commitment, dedication and service to God and humanity is sacrosanct and must not be compromised.

“I appreciate the quality job ongoing here but am not happy with the speed…Dr. Odey queried.

He referred to the quality and speed of work at the West African Teachers Continuous Training Institute Biase as commendable and worthy of emulation by other contractors and engineers handling projects in the state.

The SUBEB Boss said, If by next Wednesday, there is no remarkable improvement on the speed, progress and completion of work here, a decision shall be taken right here by the management team of CR-SUBEB on the revocation of the project and use of direct labour to finish up the remaining work because this projects’ schedule time-frame for completion has elapsed, especially that the school will commence academic activities come September 2019.

Dr. Odey and his management team visited OBUDU on Saturday to access the level of work done at the British-Canadian Int’l School and to further handover other sites to engineers and contractors.

Recall that the previous day – Friday 12th July,2019 the Executive Chairman C’River State Universal Basic Education Board and his management team had a successful interactive session with the Head Teachers of Public Schools in Cross River North (comprising Ogoja, Obudu, Obanliku, bekwarra and Yala LGAs) where he charged head teachers to be responsible and committed to their duties.