By Eric U. Ogri, Ph.D

In his bestseller’s prophetic and historical novel: ‘A Man of the People’ (published in 1966), Nigeria’s literary icon, Chinua Achebe, satirically lampoons the political scenario in most African countries, particularly in Nigeria. Sarcastically scripted, Achebe carefully used the title of the novel to establish a contrast between political idealism and realism. Ideally, government and its representatives are expected to optimally deliver the dividends of democracy to the people; but in reality, the reverse is the case. In the novel, these attributes were conspicuously portrayed in the character of Chief Nanga, a powerful, but corrupt minister of culture. By his position, he was supposed to protect and preserve the tradition and cultural heritage of the country. Instead, he used it to acquire dishonest wealth and make himself very powerful, while still brazenly parading himself as ‘a man of the people’.

In Nigeria today, the narrative is quite the same; as deceit, nepotism and ethnic politics still hold sway in the governance structure of the country. The so-called people’s representatives shrewdly put their personal interests over public interests. They’re sheer wolves in sheep clothing and treacherous hirelings in the midst of shepherds, who feed fat from the commonwealth of the nation; while their sheep (the common Nigerians) languish in abject penury and chronic hunger, orchestrated by ruthless economic policies, systemic corruption, maladministration and lack of political will to plan and execute sterling people-oriented developmental projects. From the foregoing, it becomes very apparent that Nigeria is in dire need of true leaders; and not mere career politicians, who only use their offices to unlawfully enrich themselves to the detriment of the people. Consequently, I herby present to you Chief (Barr.) Stephen Adi Odey, a leading candidate and in the forthcoming Cross River Northern Senatorial District bye-election 2020 under the platform of the People Democratic Party (PDP).

Dr. Stephen is a man of many parts – an erudite scholar, a passionate educator, a seasoned public administrator; a legal luminary, a time-tested technocrat, a politician of high repute, an exceptional community leader, a philanthropist, a selfless leader and a rare gem. It is very difficult to come to terms with the fact that a man from a very humble social and economic background, where lack and poverty reign supreme, can possess these sterling qualities. However, through diligence, dedication and unbending determination, Dr. Stephen was able to weather the twin monsters of impecuniosity and deprivation to cruise to an enviable height and also emerge as a great intellectual icon of international repute. From his lowly upbringing, he knows how it feels to experience abject lack and starvation. That is why he has never stopped to demonstrate unusual love for the masses through his humble disposition, philanthropist gestures and deep-seated penchant to identify and associate with them.

At a time in the history of Nigeria, when politics has become an all-comers’ affair, especially for the educationally indolent and school dropouts; and when certificate forgery and ‘no certificate syndrome’ has become the order of the day, Dr. Odey’s scholastic ingenuity is unprecedented. Not only is he an erudite scholar, having acquired a doctoral degree (Ph.D), which is the highest academic degree; he is also a cerebral and versatile scholar, who has bagged several academic qualifications across three distinct academic fields – education, sociology and law. This is a rare achievement for people of his social and economic background. Therefore, given these litanies of intellectual prowess, Dr. Stephen is, no doubt, suitably equipped for the business of lawmaking. This is because the business of making legislations is not meant for charlatans and amateurs, but for the time-tested, academically sound and competent individuals. Having served as a Personal Assistant/Special Assistant to Senator (Prof.) Benedict Ayade in the 7th Senate between 2011 and 2015, Dr. Odey has been sufficiently trained and nurtured in the act of lawmaking. Therefore, his entry into the red chamber is akin to treading on a familiar ground.

Dr. Stephen is a goal-getter with an unquenchable hunger and appetite for more achievements. As an astute administrator of no mean repute, his long standing track records are replete with unprecedented accomplishments. Time and space will fail me if I begin to reel out all these feats, which are very visible even to the blind. I will try to stick to his time and exploits as the Executive Chairman, Cross River State Universal Basic Education Board (CR- SUBEB), a position he had occupied since 2015. Just within a very short time of overseeing the affairs of SUBEB, Dr. Stephen totally repositioned basic education in the State by constructing multiple classroom blocks and office spaces in different schools across the length and breadth of the State. He also facilitated and personally supervised the process that led to the engagement of thousands of suitably qualified teachers and rid the system of corrupt practices by fishing out several ghost workers.

Hitherto, there were woes of infrastructural deficit and decay (where pupil learn under trees or sit on bare floor to learn), as well as, dearth of suitably qualified teachers across all the state’s schools. But all these narratives suddenly changed through the intervention of Dr. Stephen Odey. On assumption in office, Dr. Stephen used his wealth of experience and high-level connections to access the matching grant for the state that was laying waste in the Central Bank for several years. With this money, he constructed state of the arts offices and classroom accommodation in different schools across the eighteen Local Government Areas of the State; and through the approval of the State Governor, he provided employment for more than 2,300 staff in both the teaching and non-teaching cadres. Suffice it to state unequivocally that there were many Chairmen in SUBEB before him, but not much was heard about their achievements and exploits. This goes further to demonstrate that it is not all about position; it is performance that makes all the difference.

At a time in our political history when legislative-executive check and balance has become a mirage; and members of the hallowed chambers have simply turned themselves to executive ‘yes-men’, thereby giving rise to countless acts of executive rascality and malfeasance, we need an outspoken and a strong discerning voice in the floor of the Senate – a voice of reasoning; a voice for the voiceless – to proffer formidable opposition in critical moments. We need a man who can make the difference and bring about the needed change that Nigerians are earnestly yearning for. We need a man, who does not relish in sponsoring obnoxious, anti-people and draconian bills, but a problem-solver and a ‘people-person’, who can feel the pulse of the people he represents and swiftly act accordingly. We need a true man of the people, who will be in constant touch of sympathy and empathy with the people. That man is: Chief (Barr.) Stephen Adi Odey, Ph.D.

I, therefore, call on the good people of Cross River Northern Senatorial District – Bekwara, Obanliku, Obudu, Ogoja and Yala (all eligible voters) – to speak in one voice, act in unison and overwhelmingly support Dr. Stephen as they exercise their constitutional mandates in the forthcoming Senatorial bye-election. This is the time to make that crucial life-changing decision that you will never live to regret. While other candidates in the race may have seen the vacancy created by the demise of Senator Rose Oko as an opportunity to accomplish their long-standing personal ambitions, Dr. Stephen sees it simply as a Divine mandate to make a difference by serving his people and further his humanitarian course. A vote for Dr. Stephen Adi Odey, is a vote for effective and equitable representation; probity and accountability and all-round development!

Stand with Dr. Stephen Odey for Senate 2020!



The primary election has come and gone, where a winner has emerged in the person of Stephen Odey Ph D, an exercise that was fair and square. And I believe plans for the by-election have commenced. I must say Dr. Stephen Odey through his numerous achievements of touching lives has found a place in the heart of the people of Cross River North because it was reflected on the number of delegates who voted him overwhelmingly with 450 votes, defeating Hon. Jarigbe Agom who had just 90 votes.

The electorates remain the best examiners as far as any election is concerned. They know what they want and who to entrust their hopes and aspiration on. Barr. Stephen Odey Ph D happens to be the most trust worthy servant-leader who deserves our support today. Tomorrow, it could be someone else’s turn to be supported.

As a true democrat, who believes in strength, togetherness and politics of inclusion, he has offered hands of fellowship to work with his co-aspirants who couldn’t make it in the contest. Where some aspirants have accepted this Olive branch and have agreed to work with him if not for anything but for the growth of the Senatorial District as well as the unity of party.

It is pertinent to note that if you don’t win today, there’s another chance lying before you tomorrow. Working against the candidature of Stephen Odey Ph D is like trying to yank off a finger that once fed you because as a matter of fact he worked assiduously to ensure you occupy the position you’re holding today. He did all he could to see that even those that wanted voting for their conscience were convinced to vote for you.

In his speech, as a man with adequate team spirit, Stephen Odey Ph.D, beckons, “I have always supported you, now is the time to support me. Come let’s work together, it is a family affair. The task ahead demands unity and we are stronger together”.

Support Stephen Odey Ph D today for the unity of the party and growth of Cross River North.

By Comfort Akobi



Once again, it is the season of political billboards. Public buildings are being defaced with posters. Both ugly and good-looking politicians are smiling at us from billboards and posters on walls, vehicles, and electric poles. The masses are the beautiful brides that are being courted with political platitudes and promises. The bye-election is weeks away, and politicians are engaged in frenzied activities to shore up their chances of winning the Cross River North bye-election, 2020.

Periodic election is a feature of representative government, which is the best form of government in the world. Bye-election is an election used to fill an office that has become vacant between general elections.

Election offers the electorates or citizens the opportunity to vote out bad leaders, and vote in new ones; but this is not the case here, it is as a result of the demise of our late distinguished Sen. Rose Okoji Oko. That is why it’s said that sovereignty resides with the people. In order to transform Cross River North and take it to a greaterf economic, socio-political and technological height, we should install people with patriotic fervour and leadership qualities into positions of power. So, it behoves us to cast our votes wisely in the upcoming bye-election in Cross River North.

Many politicians have indicated their interest to vie for senatorial seat. Some have joined the political race for pecuniary and egoistical reasons; others are in the political contest in order to acquire political power, which they will use for the betterment of the senatorial district, and the uplift of their compatriots.

Dr. Stephen Odey was made CR-SUBEB chairman after 2015 general election and his appointment was renewed in August, 2019 due to his outstanding performance. He carried out his duties with conscientiousness, integrity, fear of God, and uncommon patriotic fervour. As SUBEB chairman, he has recorded giant reforms in the board. Not surprisingly, eulogies have continued to trail him based on his ”Stephenism” performance. So far, some communities have bestowed chieftaincy titles on him in appreciation of his contributions to the basic education subsector, and humanity, in general.

He is well educated and widely travelled. A seat for him in the Nigeria Senate will offer him the opportunity to help in the formulation of laws that will positively transform the country and reduce the suffering of the people.

Moreover, Stephen Odey has been a loyal member of the PDP for a long time. Unlike some politicians that switch allegiance when they are not favoured by their parties, he has stuck with the PDP through thick and thin. He always maintain his political faithfulness, maturity, and sagacity.

I urge members of the Cross River State’s PDP, to nominate Dr. Stephen Odey as the sole Candidate that will contest for the Cross River North Senatorial bye-election on the PDP ticket. Fair play and the conventional law of rotation of power demands that, Odey who hails from Yala, is the right candidate to dig it out with candidates from other political parties.

Suffice it to state that, Dr. Stephen Odey’s entry into the Cross River North senatorial race has electrified the CR political activities: He has added verve to our politicking and upped the political tempo in the state. If given the ticket by the PDP, Dr. Odey will be the Candidate to beat in the CRS bye-election given his political clout, acceptance by the people, and past leadership achievements.

Support Dr. Stephen Odey for senate, 2020.




It is imperative to note that, since the demise of late Senator Dr. Rose Okoji Oko (May her soul rest in peace), the seat for the Northern CRS Senatorial District has been vacant for months without representation at the Red Chamber of the National Assembly. There have been agitations from various quarters on who gets what and which LGA clinches the vacant senatorial seat. However, let’s not forget that, the late Sen. Rose Okoji Oko was from Yala LGA and the five LGA under the Northern Senatorial District of Cross River State voted her in for second term in office.

Also note that, Yala LGA shares the same Federal constituency with Ogoja LGA (i.e Ogoja/Yala) where the late Sen. Rose Oko hails from. Therefore, Yala LGA has to complete its term since the House of Representatives Seat is been held by an Ogoja. The other Federal Constituency comprises of three Local Government Areas: Obudu, Bekwarra and Obanliku). At the look of things, Obudu Local Government Area presently occupies the Gubernatorial seat, Bekwarra occupies House of Representatives’ seat, same to Ogoja which also occupies the House of Representatives’ seat and the LGAs left without elective representative positions are: Yala and Obanliku, and as it stands, no one is vying for the senatorial seat from Obanliku, so, Yala should produce the next senator for continuity so that equity will prevail.

We wish to appeal to the PDP National Chairman, Prince Uche Secundus, the National Working Committee members, PDP Excos and all delegates in the state to synergise and present the party’s flag to a candidate that will help to sell and win election for the party in the forth coming senatorial bye-election – that’s in the person of Dr (Barr.) Stephen Odey – as a consensus candidate.

To avert any form of challenge
the opposition party (APC) in the state may pose; the Peoples Democratic Party as a matter of urgency needs to settle for a candidate without political blemish, a candidate with pedigree and credentials that will match them tooth-for-tooth. Presently the leading PDP Senate hopeful that has the pedigree, credentials and most competent is the man with humility and intergrity, the man I call ”Mr Talk and Do”: he is well read, the man with B.Ed (Hons); B.L.; M.Sc.; LL.M; Ph.D in Sociology and another Ph.D in Law (in view), that’s in the person of Dr.(Barr.) Stephen Odey.

At the mention of Dr. Stephen, it sends shivers into the opposition camp because he is loved by all and has proven himself beyond reasonable doubts, that he is worthy to take Northern C’River Senatorial District to the next level and present her with the kind of leadership she craves for.

Opinion: Why Dr. (Barr.) Stephen Odey should be considered as the flag bearer of our great party, the PDP:

  • He is the only candidate from PDP that has the pedigree and credentials to match whoever the opposition presents.
  • He is a friend to all the L.G.As with litany of PROJECTS executed.
  • He is from the L.G.A. with the highest number of wards with great voting strength in the senatorial district.
  • He is vocal, eloquent and has what it takes to speak for his people and the party at the Red Chamber of the National Assembly.
  • He will bring developmental strides to CR North, Cross River State and Nigeria at large.
  • He has been a unifying factor in PDP and the people of CRN.

At this juncture, It is pertinent that, personal interest borne out of jealousy, envy and hatred should be put aside and the party’s leadership, should not be cajoled into settling for a candidate that will make the opposition cruise to victory come October 31st 2020.

God bless Dr. Barr. Stephen Adi Odey, PDP, CRS Northern senatorial district, Cross River State and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Written By Agim Joseph Akambende, &
Mrs. Gladys Imachi Effah.



There’s no disputing the fact that, all illustrious sons and daughters of Cross River Northern Senatorial District who have thrown their weights into the ring in the battle to fill the vacuum at the Hallowed Chambers of the National Assembly are all qualified to contest. However, Dr Stephen Adi Odey stands out as the very best amongst all.

“A Leader is best, when People barely know he exists but his good works speak for him”. Dr Stephen Odey is one man whose magnificent works are trumpeting across the length and breadth of Cross River State and beyond.

At a time when the Good People of Cross River North are yearning for a change in leadership narratives and a complete departure from the “ordinary” to the “extra-ordinary”, Dr Stephen Adi Odey is the very best that stands out in this instance.

Within a short while around the corridor of power, Dr Stephen Odey has demonstrated extraordinary leadership qualities that can only be described as magical.

First, beginning with his priceless humility when he served as a Legislative Aide to the then Senator Ayade Benedict who later emerged as the shining light of the 7th Assembly, to his extensive reformation in Cross River State Water Board and also his transformational drive as the incumbent Executive Chairman of SUBEB in Cross River State is only an affirmation of the fact that “a Leader is best when People don’t even know he exists, but his good works speak volume for him”. If you want to know Dr Stephen Odey, just walk to the nearest Primary/Junior Secondary Schools in Cross River State and see SUBEB Projects cited with model laboratories and other teaching equipments across boards with qualified staffing.

SUBEB under Dr Stephen Odey’s watch has witnessed an extraordinary transformation from the ordinary SUBEB that we used to know because of the extra efforts of Dr Odey.

SUBEB which is just a subset of the State Ministry of Education has employed over five thousand Teaching and non Teaching Staffs across the State within just five Years.

It is worthy of note therefore, that “he who is trusted with little can be trusted with much”.

In his quest to drive his vision and prepare himself for leadership, Dr Stephen Adi Odey has gone several inches above his contemporaries by acquiring a very solid Educational Background with two PhDs, one in Industrial Sociology and another in Law (inview), two Masters Degrees, three Bachelor Degrees and other numerous Certificates. On this note, Dr Stephen Odey can best be described as “a Museum of knowledge”.

It is therefore, crystal clear that Dr Stephen Odey stands out as ‘the very best’ amongst others with a superlative leadership ingredients to make an extraordinary legislator.

For an extraordinary transformation of Cross River Northern Senatorial District and quality representation, let us all join hands together and Vote Dr Stephen Adi Odey for Senate 2020.
“The reward for hard work is more work”.

By Comr Godsman Ogar



As we prepare to go to the polls again on 31st October, 2020 to vote our next Senator, it is very important for the people of Cross River North to ensure that we do not continue to follow the inglorious past.

Today different aspirants are trooping in here and there to indicate their interest for the vacant seat. They comprise of jokers, serious ones and those that simply want to be noticed. Others are simply spoilers, recruited to truncate the chances of others. That’s part of our politics anyway.

Though the past representatives have played their part, what CR-NORTH needs in this dispensation is fresh, untainted blood, and a man with a transformational vision for development and capacity to bring the vision to reality.

We need a more qualified, more capable, and more deserving man with proven track records; a personality that is well read, humble, dedicated and committed towards governance. We need a kind of candidate that is sellable to the people; a candidate that the people already have his dossier; a candidate that the people will continue to rely upon; a candidate that is not deceitful in his words and dealings, and a candidate that is transparent in his dealings.

The people are looking out for someone they can trust with the resources and not a double-tongued personality who dabbles into too many things at the same time.

We need a servant leader with integrity and commitment to selfless service. We need a man with visible and verifiable legitimate means of livelihood who can be entrusted with our mandate. We don’t need politicians who provide palliatives only during electioneering period and with political strings attached. We have a person whose second name is ‘philanthropy’ and who has been providing palliatives years back, with no strings attached.

Dr. (Barr.) Stephen Odey is the type of personality CR-NORTH needs at this critical time in the Red Chamber. Dr. Odey is one man that is accepted across the length and breadth of Cross River North. He is the game changer that will optimise the fortunes of Cross River North in the Senate for the betterment of the Senatorial district and by extension Cross River State.

Dr. Odey is a man who walks his talk. He is the offer that CR-NORTH cannot refuse, a man who will leave his footprints on the political sands of time as he is currently doing at CR-SUBEB as Executive Chairman.

Dr. Stephen Odey is an outstanding philanthropist who believes strongly in human capital development. He derives so much joy in touching lives positively and putting smiles on the faces of humanity.

He is a practical man, and not a storyteller. He is a man, according to him, from a minority tribe but with a majority brain. A man who grew up in the village, schooled in the village up to a Ph.D level. He acquired law and master’s Degrees all in the village. He has an indepth knowledge of the problems of the people because he lives among them.

Dr Odey has worked with His Excellency, the Governor, Sir Ben Ayade in the 7th Senate, he participated in drafting some of the motions and bills. No wonder, the then senator, sponsored the highest number of bills. He already knows the road and will walk through it with the requisite knowlege and experience.

Come September 5th, 2020 our noble PDP delegates will do the needful by endorsing Dr Stephen Odey as the candidate that will coast the party to victory on October 31st.

Cross River North deserves the best. A promise keeper, a dependable performer, a practical, tested and trusted Servant-Leader.

Support and vote Dr Stephen Odey for Senate 2020.

By Thompson Idagu Yeche


PHILOSOPHY; A Catalyst to Greatness, A case study of Dr.Barr.Stephen Odey

According to the Oxford Advanced Learners dictionary, the term Philosophy is defined as a set of beliefs or an attitude to life that guides somebody’s behavior.

The above definition and establishment are in line with the proponents of the political behavior who asserts that a man’s personality, and morality will always influence his political actions as well as his personal relationship with people. And this brings us to the case study of Chief (Barr.) Stephen Odey Ph.D.

Let me briefly give you a gist about this erudite scholar. He is from, born and brought up in a remote village call Uchu- Yache in Yala Local Government Area of Cross River State. He is the son of a peasant farmer who lived in slump.

As a man who sees education as the only meeting point between the rich and the poor, Dr. Stephen Odey, literary tilled the hard soil not just to earn a living but also to see that he acquired quality education, there is no doubt about it that he is a well read man. He struggled all through to see himself trained from both primary and secondary schools as well as the university and to the point of becoming a legal personnel. An achievement that has come to single him out among his peers.

In all of these ventures, even up till this day and time he has never seized from engaging in farm work, an act he used to both train himself in school as well as to support his parents.
As a son of a peasant farmer who grew up in the village, he knows all the pain the common man goes through on a daily basis having gone through such while growing up.

As a Marxist as well as an advocate of Egalitarianism, he solicits for equality among the human people in the distributing of our common wealth. His dream is to see an utopian society, a perfect world, free from conflicts, hunger, inequality and unhappiness.

Dr. Stephen is naturally a philanthropist, an act that is born out of his innate desire to put smile on the faces of the needy or the poor around him. Therefore, displaying this benevolence is Dr. Stephen’s desire and he does it not because he has so much resources but because he knows what it means to be without food on the table.

Dr. Stephen’s Odyssey reminds every well thinking Nigerian youth that hard work, honesty, humility, loyalty, faith as well as service, believing and living within the command of our creator pays.

By Amb. God’s Love king Dominic.



I doffed my hat for the unique LEADERSHIP style of Barr. STEPHEN ADI ODEY’S administration in the past few years as an Executive Chairman of Cross River State Universal Basic Education Board (CR-SUBEB).

Dr Odey has touched Cross River State in diverse ways, despite the myriad of challenges (be it ethnicity, political interest, social divide, and many more).

As Sir Winston Churchill, former British prime minister said: “Truth is incontrovertible. Ignorance may deride it, panic may resent it, malice may destroy it, but truth remains the same”

The CR-SUBEB boss is steadily and painstakingly being retooled . Out of sheer aversion and deliberate ignorance, some people deride this laudable achievements and peddle fictitious campaign of calumny against him. Yes, when you have become deliberately blind, you can see nothing, even when it is thrust before your very eyes, you would not see it. When you have become willfully deaf, even when it is drummed into your hearing daily, you still would not hear it.

Some other people do theirs out of the phobia of being submerged while others are extreme tribal jingoists who are scared of such imagined exclamation as ‘what Napoleon could not do, has been done by Snowball’ this simple, unassuming man from Yala LGA. is unique.

The man who has provided the midas touch is still poised to serve in a higher capacity as the next Senator representing Cross River North.
Thus, I think the right attitude is to try to unravel the mystery behind his sterling achievements as CR-SUBEB boss when this sector was almost moribund and then grant this unassuming gentle man the trust of ascending the seat of the Cross River North Senatorial District with his performance ‘magic wand’ for a replication of what he is doing in CR-SUBEB.

Mysteries are divine unexplainable occurrence. Odey’s performance and acumen are divine and whoever opposes him does that at his/her own peril, because it will be a direct affront on the divine.

Every person must be subject to the governing authorities, for no authority exists except by God’s permission. The existing authorities have been established by God and Barr. STEPHEN ADI ODEY is amongst those persons that God has chosen to use for redemption, restoration and reposition of the lost glory of CR-NORTH.

Vote Dr (Barr.) Stephen Odey for a better CRN-Senatorial District.

By Thompson Idagu Yeche



As the Latin maxim goes: “Vox Populi, Vox Dei” meaning “The voice of the People is the Voice of God”

Among all the potentially qualified candidates both in-party and otherwise, vying for the mandate of the Northern Senatorial seat, one name stands out. One candidate has proved his mettle beyond reasonable doubt and beyond the commonalities of sentiments, ethnicity, tribalism and mere political cacophony. That candidate is in the person of DR. STEPHEN ODEY (ESQ.)

According to recent independent surveys and latest opinion polls conducted by highly authentic and reputable sources, Dr. Stephen Odey, Esq recorded over 87 percent approval ratings while the remaining 13 percent was shared unevenly among the other candidates in the poll.

This amply portrays, in no small measure, that indeed Dr. Stephen Odey, Esq has the heart and the approval of the people and the same have the people thrown their weight behind and handed to him their popular will and mandate.

The people have made their choice, the people have declared their preference for Dr. Stephen Odey, Esq as the best candidate for the job and it therefore behoves on all not to question this choice, but to hearken to the voice of the people and lend full support to the people’s choice, DR. STEPHEN ODEY, ESQ. as the chosen one to lead us to our promised land, our Eldorado that is the new Cross River Northern Senatorial Zone.

The people have spoken and so, God has spoken.

Let it be so, and let the Church say… AMEN!

By Ms. Nche, Betty Maria



The intriguing political manifestations since the sad event of the demise of our heroine, distinguished Senator Dr. (Mrs.) Rose Okoji Oko the political Field Marshal of Cross River Northern Senatorial District, whose remains is yet to be layed to rest, has since predisposed us to the fate of orphans at the Red Chambers of the National Assembly and back home. As we now bicker and play Judas (backstabbing, betrayals) amongst ourselves over who steps into her large shoes, and during demanding political discussions; the situation is quite revealing of our vulnerability and calls for critical thinking in the precept of history.

In George Santayana’s aphorism, ” those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. If we heed Santayana’s warning, then remembering history and learning important lessons from it should help us to avoid previous damnable consequences.

Etymologically, the Kainites are descendants of kain(Cain) who were located near Hebron, before the advent of the natural disaster of Noah’s days. They were known to have taken after their murderous father Kain, degenerated in their moral and spiritual condition till they became completely depraved and consequently wiped out by the flood.

The fratricidal incident between Cain and Abel as chronicled in Genesis brands the precarious nature of the prevalent political events in Nigeria, despicably in Cross River State.

Cain or Kain as you may choose, doubles as the first human born and the world’s first murderer! He was the first son of Adam and Eve who slayed Abel his brother out of arduos envy, covetousness and sullen self-will. While the protagonist, Abel, was assassinated for having an upright and more acceptable personality to God. He was selfless and sacrificial in his offering and God delighted in him. Much so, Dr. Stephen A. Odey is a breed of Abel’s kind looking at his almanac of service delivery inventory, in such a short period in the Cross River politics. In his brief epoch, he broke the political jinx of “Morgus Cyclometricus” ( a circle squaring disease) of non performance in political office. Consequently, his singular crime since his emergence on the scene is defiling the “narcissistic tales of impossibilities”.

Like the former Abel, Dr. Odey’s burgeoning political fervour has ascended the throne of God like sweet smoke from Abel’s quality sacrifice that incensed Kain into committing the historic fratricide, that stall the destiny of an ascetic breed, the political kainites in Northern Cross River have been molested by the political prominence of Dr. Odey into all manner of negative campaigns and unfounded lies against him. In an attempt to assassinate his rare kind and glorious political destiny. God forbid, “affliction shall not rise up the second time!” God cannot allow the pulchritudinous destiny of the Second Abel, to be cut short by the narcissistic and rapacious politicians whose chief business is to enrich themselves and their immediate family members.

This piece of information is intended to serve as a Revelational knowledge and a timely warning to all Judas(es) and Kainites in Northern Cross River politics to retrace their steps while they yet may. As the time is fast approaching, when the disaster of God’s jugement as of old … .

“When you till the ground, it shall no longer yield unto you its strength; a fugitive and a wanderer shall you be in the earth.” (Genesis:4:12).

Perhaps, the reason for this punishment is that Cain would be a visible reminder of the spin-offs of envy, covetousness and selfishness to the generation of men.

Clearly, it is evident that Dr. (Barr.) Stephen Adi Odey is like a moving train that cannot be stopped; he will surely ascend the Red Chambers and harvest the dividends of democracy for his dear constituents and constituency and the Judases. What shall be their fate for the betrayals and backstabbing? Till then.

By Comrade Matthew Ntaji