By SaintAugustine Adula Odey:

The concept of motivation is a psychological concept which has been described as urge, arousals, drive, energizer or that which spur a person to action and as a powerful activator, without which very little learning, development or productivity can take place.

The understanding of motivation is important, especially when employees receive the necessary help and support that can improve their performance. Motivation leads to purposeful behavior which focuses attention on improvement of skills. It’s also a complex phenomenon which is influenced by multiple variables operating within the organisms and the environment.

Chauhan(1983) explains “motivation as goal-oriented that is believed to affect human behavior in a variety of situations like learning, thinking, perception, creativity and feeling just like any other psychological concept.”

Similarly, motivation is a kind of internal force which arouses, regulates, direct and sustains human action. Having established the obvious fact about MOTIVATION it has become very evidence now like never before how CR-SUBEB has achieved much due to the facts that teachers, learners, and the society is at this particular dispensation of Governor Ben Ayade’s government motivated for quality service delivery.

Barrister Stephen Odey Ph.D has ensured the following for the basic school teachers:

#1. Security, such as freedom from threat of dismissal

#2. Good supervision and monitoring, ensuring quality assurance maintained.

#3. Prestige and recognition of the teaching profession, enthronement of dignity of labour.

#4. Sharing of opinion between management and teachers in establishing objectives, in decision making and problem solving (the rational here is that a person will be strongly motivated to achieve a goal s/he contributed to establish.

#5. In order to promote quality service delivery and productivity in Cross River Basic Schools Dr.(Barr.) Odey Led SUBEB administration has also arrange their priorities from conformity with rules and regulations to the reinforcement of positive behavior through different motivational strategies to meet various needs of the teachers and learners (pupils/students).


The above is the reason that His Excellency, Senator (Prof.) Benedict Ayade will continuously be commended and applauded for putting the square peg in the square hole at CR-SUBEB in the person of H.Es son Dr. Steve Odey.

The support enjoyed from the Governor by the SUBEB Executive Chairman has endeared him to achieve much that are very empirically visible to the blind, such as:

#1. Severally embarked on training and retraining of teachers in the state, and will continue to sustain it.

#2. Provided boreholes and lavatories to Cross River Basic Schools to ensure good hygiene.

#3. Have introduced magnetic boards, table tennis and other sporting equipment to our basic schools to keep our pupils/ students physically and mentally alert/fit.

#4. Have been consistent in the prompt payments of teachers salaries and is on top gear to get other benefits for the teachers as motivation both intrinsically and extrinsically can factor greatly in quality service delivery.

#5. Have introduced a whole school approach, by this a school is totally rehabilitated to ensure better teaching and learning processes, carried out to ensure quality edu-service delivery.



By SaintAugustine Adula Odey

6th April,2018.

The fact that education is the most potent force that drives any nation’s development and advancement can no longer be questioned.

Barrister Stephen Odey Ph.D is with the clear vision for the state basic education sector and is aggressively pursuing the development of teachers professionalism that integrates QUALITY WITH MEASURABLE ACHIEVEMENT INDICATORS.

This is made possible because teachers are the primary facilitators of instruction, motivators of knowledge acquisition and assessors of knowledge. These functions make them the single most important element in the curriculum implementation process.

The quality of teachers in any school system depends largely on the quality of the teachers, due to being guided by quality assurance framework that ensures that competent, qualified and motivated teachers strives for the realization of the educational objectives.

The issue of quality provision of educational services has become subject of discussion by various stakeholders, government and non government organizations, employers of labour, educators, parents and community members. Many are worried about the low quality of teaching and learning in Nigerian schools.

It is in the above light that the Executive Chairman CR-SUBEB Dr.(Barr.) Steve Odey in his avowed commitment to the vision of the Governor of Cross River State His Excellency, Senator (PROF.) Benedict Ayade’s developmental strides is doggedly dedicated to delivering the following deliverables:

#1. Developing in the entire citizenry a strong
consciousness for education and a strong commitment to its vigorous promotion.

#2. Providing free and compulsory, Universal Basic
Education for every child of school-going

#3. Reducing drastically the incidence of early leaving
from the formal school system
(through improved relevance, quality and efficiency).

#4. Catering for the learning needs of young persons
who, for one reason or another, have had to
interrupt their schooling through appropriate
forms of complementary approaches to the
provision and promotion of basic education.

#5. Ensuring the acquisition of appropriate levels of
literacy, numeracy, manipulative, communicative
and life-skills as well as the ethical, moral and
civic values for laying a solid foundation for life-
long learning.

To ensure that the above are continually sustained and the quality assurance in the teaching profession is maintained, Dr.(Barr.) Steve led SUBEB administration has succeeded and uncovered about 1,457 teachers with fake certificates as well as recovering over #100 million monthly for the state from February 2017 till date from ghost workers. Furthermore, about 375 projects across the state have been executed (construction and rehabilitation of classroom blocks), the board has also organized several trainings for the teaching and non teaching staff to boost the standard of basic school education in Cross River State. Finally it is obvious that the SUBEB Boss is constantly monitoring of teaching and learning situations in our schools as well as constant monitoring of projects ensuring that quality assurance is maintained and efficiency sustained.


The Administrator of the Cross River Water Board Ltd, Dr Stephen Odey has expressed his displeasure and disappointment over the high number of leakages attributing to broken pipelines and other factors in the State.

He made this known while taking a tour round Calabar metropolis to identify factors hindering the success of stable water supply in the State.

Expressing his anger and dissatisfaction over the number of leakages, Dr Odey said “I am so shocked and disappointed over the number of leakages everywhere, no matter the type of money you put in to produce water, this alone will affect the supply of water. The situation is bad and embarrassing to the State, there are leakages everywhere, no maintenance, nothing. This is economic sabotage honestly, because if water that is meant for people’s houses is rather on the street, you do not expect people to pay water bills.”

He further expressed disappointment over the level of decay in the system. “Ideally this is supposed to be a self sustaining agency, generate revenue, and collect the money, not always running to the governor to get money to run the Board. If routine checks are not done how you will know the problems confronting the agency,” he lamented.

Dr Odey said steps have been taken to put the situation in check “of course, we are already taking a step and I have given instruction that all the maintenance staff should return to work today and tomorrow to quickly effect repairs on some of the problem areas we visited.

Something must be done, we cannot continue like this. If cases like these happen and you do not correct them even if you pump water you will just be wasting resources,” he emphasized.

The Director of production, Joseph Udo while explaining some problems confronting the Board which contribute to unstable water supply in the state, he said, “Leakages are our major problem after production and we have thousands of them in this town. All the water produced is conducted by pipes to people’s houses, because the pipes where laid some nineteen years ago, so most of them are getting weak. When you pump water into them, the weak points of the pipes break and let out water.

He continued “Secondly, because of the age of the pipes, they are now close to the surface and vehicles go over them, while in some cases because the pipes have been exposed people deliberately break them to get water from there, we have seen instances like that. That is why in most cases once you have leakages especially on the main pipes, the volume of leakage is much and as a result people won’t have water in their houses. We produce so much water but most of it is wasted due to these leakages, “he explained.

The Head of pipeline Maintenance, Engr. John Azu said another challenge confronting the Board is meter theft, he lamented at the rate of theft especially in Calabar South. “Those meters where customised, they were made strictly for Cross River State Water Board, so they had some features such as brass in them. This brass was to aid us when we start automatic billing, so that a car can drive along a street and read all the meters on that street, that is how the meter was designed. But we were still thinking of how to acquire such technology before most of the meters were stolen. So now we are installing plastic meters to avoid theft.

Plant Manager, Samuel Onoyom said the Board has been able to extend water to areas which were lacking in water supply.

In his words “we have been able to extend water to Calabar South up to 8miles junction leading into Ikot Enebong, people have called to confirm that there is stable water. We are praying that we maintain this tempo of production to make sure that our customers enjoy water as much as they can. Presently we have chemicals that have been procured for us, the power line is constant, so with that in place and our dedicated staff we are sure we can now serve the public like we use to do.” he said.

Some of the residents who said they have been without water for a period of months expressed their joy over the restoration of water supply, but however appealed to the government to make the supply stable and fix leakages.

According to Elisha Etuk, a resident of Azikiwe lane “for more than 6 months we have not had water here, we are so happy that water has been restored back to us, which means that the government has not forgotten us here. As we have gotten running water now, maybe we will report to the office officially that our meter was stolen and we have a broken pipe,” he said. He assured that once the meter is installed and pipe fixed he will secure them.

Ansa a resident of Atakpa Street, said “we appreciate the efforts of government because we have not had water for almost three months, but you can see my tenants fetching water today. When we saw the water, we were so happy but unfortunately our pipe is leaking, I am appealing to the government to come to our aid and to also make the supply of water stable.”

The tour which was cut short by the Administrator of The Board, Dr Stephen Odey to enable the Board carry out some emergency repairs on some of the serious cases of leakages, will be continued on a later date to check if those repairs have been effected.

Some of the areas visited include; State Housing Estate, Old Ikang, Asim Ikang, Ibom Layout, Atakpa, Palm street, Azikiwe Lane, Ephraim Street, amongst others.


By SaintAugustine Adula Odey:

5th February, 2018.

The Executive Chairman of SUBEB Barrister Stephen Odey PhD and the board secretary Mr. Cyril Itam with other SUBEB directors visited the site of construction of the British Canadian International School Obudu to ascertain the level of work done and ongoing.

The SUBEB Boss Dr. Odey despite the speedy progress of work at the site still charged the contractors handling the various phases of the job to increase the speed and to deliver on quality job on time scheduled.

Recall that the school shall be commissioned by His Excellency Senator (Prof.) Ben Ayade in May 2018. This frequent visit is to ensure that no stone is left unturned as the governor of Cross River State is committed, determined and doggedly delivering best, qualitative basic education to Cross River and Nigerian children.

The contractors had assured severally and do assured the SUBEB Executive Chairman Dr. Odey again that he and H.E. Senator Ayade the Governor, are not to worry, as all work is in top gear to ensuring job completion on time scheduled, as evidenced in the fact that some of the structures are completed and others near completion.

Dr. Steve Odey, the SUBEB Boss left a technical team on site as he charged them to ensure that quality and standards be maintained and sustained.

The S.A to the governor of Cross River State on Diaspora accompanied SUBEB Boss on the inspection tour.


By Uchino Amatey
Following the commencement of academic activities at the UBEC Model Junior Secondary School, Akpabuyo, the Executive Chairman and Management Staff of the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) have paid an inspection visit to the school.
The visit which held today, Thursday 1st February, was to check teaching and learning activities as well as identify and proffer solutions to challenges confronting the school.

Addressing staff of the school, the Executive Chairman SUBEB, Dr Stephen odey charged staff to be committed and live up to their responsibility “I deliberately chose to come here today to let you know certain things that are expected of you as a staff. Like I have always said this place is meant for those who are committed and serious minded.”

While adding that the effectiveness of teachers will lead to the increase in student population, Dr Odey said “ the one in Yala started with a population of 14 students, but due to the quality of education there, they have over a hundred students now. So you need to give your best, parents are withdrawing their children from other schools in Calabar to bring them to the UBEC schools in Abi and Yala.”
“Many people come to my office on a daily basis to beg for jobs, even as a cleaner, but the opportunity is not there. So if you have it, it is your responsibility to take it seriously, because to whom much is given, much is expected. We intend to give the best quality and quantitative education to Cross Riverians. And, I can tell you that all the Board members and Directors that are here today are very serious minded people. We will not compromise our standard for anyone,” he emphasized.

Dr Odey warned that those who are found wanting will be made to face disciplinary action.

 “this is not a place where people stroll in and out. If I call for attendance register and you are not regular to work, just be reassured that you are on your way out. We have given the power to the principal to discipline anyone who is not ready to work here” he said.

The SUBEB Boss called on Staff and the general public to utilise the opportunity and send their children to the vocational school.

According to him “we have three of these schools in the State, Abi,Yala and Akpabuyo. This one in Akpabuyo, 

principally is a vocational school, there will be a lot of trades and skills for learning. We have done some procurement, we are expecting some gigantic equipment here. This is why people should take advantage of this place, what pupils will receive here is more than just a formal education.”

 Board Secretary, Cyril Itam also advised teachers to always ensure that they teach students with instructional materials to aid understanding, adding that where there are none teachers should always improvise and make use of what is available around them.

Also speaking the Director of Admin, Emmanuel Ojong said the UBEC school Akpabuyo,just like its other two schools in Abi and Yala is a fully furnished boarding  school where students will be properly groomed. He further advised teachers to be exemplary and avoid culpable situations.

 “We assure you that we will give you everything you require to the best of our ability and you have to reciprocate by carrying out your duty,” he said.

To ensure a conducive environment for staff and pupils, the Board Chairman has directed the provision of 24 tables and chairs for staff as well as the immediate repairs of the school borehole.


By Uchino Amatey

Cross River House of Assembly (CRSHA) has commended the Executive Chairman, State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), Dr Stephen Odey for his excellent performance in the basic education sub-sector.

Members of the House made this known during the Board’s (SUBEB) budget defence held today, Wednesday 31st January at the House Assembly Complex. 

While expressing his satisfaction with the Board’s Performance, the Chairman, Budget Defence & Appropriation Committee, Rt. (Hon) Eteng Williams urged the Board to remain committed and to do more for the betterment of the education sub-sector.

The Board received commendation in the areas of project execution, training and re-training of teachers, prompt payment of teachers’ salary, amongst others. 

SUBEB’s proposed budget for 2018 is over N5b; earmarked for project execution, training of teachers, and furnishing of projects, amongst others.

Cross River State Governor Ben Ayade has approved N1.2 billion counterpart fund to enable the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) access the Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) grant for 2017.

The Executive Chairman of the board, Dr. Stephen Odey, spoke yesterday with reporters in Calabar.

He said the board was awaiting release of the fund.

“The governor has given his approval for the release of our 2017 request for grant of N1.2 billion. So, we are waiting for due processes to be completed.

“You are aware that for any state to access grant from UBEC, it has to first pay its counterpart fund. That is where we are now.”

Odey said the board had utilised its N4 billion 2012 to 2016 grant by awarding contracts for 327 projects.

Said he: “Some of the projects include provision of computers, renovation of schools, provision of sports equipment, supply of 85,000 textbooks/instructional materials and 65,000 plastic chairs and tables.

“As I speak, most of our primary schools operate computers with solar systems, while sporting activities are being revived in schools.”

Odey added that Ayade has approved the recruitment of additional 1,000 primary teachers.

“The board has conducted written tests for applicants.

“We have completed the process for teachers’ promotion because primary school teachers were last promoted in 2009.

“But this has cost implications and we do not want to employ teachers and not pay them salary regularly. We don’t want to promote teachers without commensurate benefits.

“We have made proposals to the governor on these, but because of the present financial situation, Ayade is taking his time on the matter, he said.


The construction of a world class modern Uchu-Yache Comprehensive Primary Healthcare Center at Yala Local Government Area has reached an advanced stage, with over 80 percent of the work completed. DG Primary Health Care Dr Betta Edu and Chairman SUBEB Dr Stephen odey who is from yache were at project site to inspect on-going work

About 11,000 people are expected to have access to this health facility. Recall that before now This community had no health facility to deliver services to its people. It is expected that the use of this facility will also contribute to the reduction in maternal mortality incidences in the area.

Director General of Cross River State Primary Healthcare Development Agency Dr Betta Edu who relocated to Yala last week to ensure speedy completion of the job as mandated by her Boss, said the Governor is desperate about bringing viable solutions to the lives of Cross Riverians and this project is one of them. this modern health facility will unquestionably have a positive impact on the community once it is completed.

The DG said residents at Yache which is the last autonomous group of many communities will no longer need to travel for very long distances to benue state for medical care ” Ayade has brought it to their door step”

A residents of Uchu-Yache by name Odey Peter said yache people are so happy. We are glad that it is happening in our life time. This hospital will provide good health and elongate our lives. It will not only serve Yache residents, but the entire Yala and even benue state people.

I can assure you that people of Uchu-Yache are pleased with this development, we can only pay back by voting our son Governor Ben Ayade for 2nd term. Because of this wonderful facility, he said. Our women and young boys have been engaged to do this job since it started, that means more money better economy in our yache nation.

In the last few months, a raft of internal work has been carried out, including the completion of all ceilings and doors, the creation of link corridors to the existing antenatal unit and the installation of solar panels.

The next stages includes, painting, installation of furniture and equipment, and landscaping.


Barrister Stephen Odey PhD spent precious time to monitor, supervised and inspect the ongoing projects at Kakum-Obudu, Cross River State to ensure that the projects meet the standard and quality assurance required.

Recall that, the SUBEB Boss has over the week relocated to Obudu to spur up the contractors to ensuring the timely completion of work and deliver on scheduled quality job.

The projects at the British-Canadian Intentional School Obubu will be one of the best schools in Nigeria and the whole of Africa upon completion and commencement of academic activities. The board has shown so much commitment to deliver the deliverables as indicated by the Executive Chairman of CR-SUBEB as he spent a week at the site of the projects.

Many of his contemporaries would rather remain arm chair, sit tight executives, dishing out instructions, however the Cross River SUBEB Boss is rewriting the administrative narrative of SUBEB by personally taking time and painstakingly ensuring that standards are met as he monitors projects with his technical team.

The vision of His Excellency, Senator (Prof.) Barrister Ben Ayade-Governor of Cross River towards the provision of basic and qualitative education to Cross River and Nigeria children is sacrosanct and non- negotiable, this is demonstrated by his son Dr. Odey as he mandates the contractors to deliver the best of job that will meet with the international standards of the school.

Like father, like son, the Executive Chairman is so passionate, dedicated and committed to ensuring that the best is truly the best as the workers gear towards completion of projects.

Upon the completion of work, the school will employ eligible Cross Riverians and other expatriates as staffers to meet the blueprints of the school as an international school that it is.


 By Uchino Amatey

In its continuous effort to ensure prompt payment of salaries, The Cross River State Universal Basic Education Board , has today January 19th paid teachers salaries for the month of January, 2018.

The Executive Chairman SUBEB, Dr Stephen Odey, while expressing gratitude to Governor Ben Ayade, thanked him for his consistency.

Dr Odey who assured of the Board’s commitment in improving the welfare of teachers, charged teachers to compliment government efforts by discharging their duties effectively.

He warned that those who are found wanting will be sanctioned accordingly “to whom much is given, much is expected,”he said.

Warning the general public to be weary of some unscrupulous elements who ask for money in exchange for Job offers.

The SUBEB Boss retierated that the Board under its present leadership has not and will not ask for any fee or charge in the discharge of any of its functions.